About Us

Curious about Creative Owl? Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m Creative Owl . 

I’m a property and family lawyer by profession. But in recent years, I’ve embraced both my passion for creative writing and an enduring entrepreneurial spirit that makes me a great sounding board for businesses – all of which allows me to unleash my various creative energies to inspire all sorts of folk! 


Now, I help children and adults alike to unleash their imaginations, explore the things that inspire them – and achieve their true creative potential.  

A bit of background 

In 2018, I started writing fantasy fiction books for children after taking some time off from my day job being a partner in a law firm. I loved it – and I haven’t looked back!  

Having some time off allowed me to leave my corporate life behind and gave me loads of time while my daughter was at school to do things that I really wanted to do and enjoyed doing.  

As a child, my parents were always working, so I read a lot. I used this escapism to jump into magical worlds, bringing the characters to life in my mind so I could join them.  

However, I was never actively encouraged to do anything creative at home – and I doubted my inventive abilities for many years as a result. Even as a bona fide grown-up, I always relied on my wonderful husband to be the creative one with our incredible daughter.  

But all that changed when I had the time to explore my aspirations and try new things. Finally, I was inspired to explore the vast realms of my imagination – and, once unleashed: watch out, world! 

Books flowed out of me, I was called upon to inspire others, and creative ideas flooded out of me like a tsunami gathering pace….  

When I started helping at my daughter’s school and witnessed how some children were more creatively inspired than others, it made me think how different things could be. One day, during a forest school session when I saw what kids could create using just a twig, Creative Owl was born. 

Fast-forward a few years – with thoughts, ideas and ambitions fully harnessed and crafted – here it is!