Welcome to the world of Creative Owl.

Creative Owl was inspired by my longterm desire to harness the incredible power of children’s imaginations to enable them to become resilient, creative and to be inspired thinkers.

But the benefits apply equally to adults in need of a little inspiration too.

Creative Owl motivates and works magic with people of all ages:

Helping youngsters confined and constrained by reality to unleash their imaginations and get in touch with their creative side. 

Whether it’s writing, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, inventing, making up bubble bath characters… there are endless possibilities to nurture positive creativity in children. 

We’ve created Oscar’s Club, where kids can join us to explore new inspiration every week. Twice a week, we’ll open Oscar’s Box of Imagination – and use the few things that Oscar’s collected for us to maybe create a song, write a story, ice a cake, draw a picture, or build something. Oscar gives us the basics to get us started, and then we unleash our imaginations… 

There’ll also be exciting snippets throughout the week, special offers and a weekly Question & Answer session for parents who’d like to share experiences and get some more helpful titbits. 

Fresh input to help educators frustrated with teaching the traditional way to take the first steps towards supporting more creative learning experiences. 

We’re often approached by teachers who just want to break free from some of the constraints of the traditional school curriculum and shake things up a little. To encourage a bit more thinking outside the box and the development of problem-solving skills in a positive and always-supportive environment. If you don’t know how to start offering more creative learning experiences or are already doing things differently but just would like some support or a bit more inspiration, Creative Owl is here for you. 

Always wanted to write a book or maybe finish one? Run out of inspiration or could really use a sounding board for your ideas? We’ll help you nurture and fulfil your creative writing ambitions. 

We have a number of options available to help you develop your ideas, your writing skills, or just find a way to get a few moments to yourself to let your creativity flow Whether you’re just thinking about writing a book or almost at the end, we’re here for you. We’ve stood in your shoes – so we know how it feels and the sort of support you feel you might need. 

Helping children and adults unleash the power of imagination

Imaginations conceived every product and service we see around us in the world today. Harnessing the power of imagination helps children develop into inspirational thinkers and future leaders.

Children are so vulnerable to influence when they’re aged 0-7 years. And creativity – in all its guises – plays a key role in shaping a positive formative experience. So let’s encourage and celebrate that!

We know that children’s minds can often process and deal with difficult emotions when situations are presented to them in the form of a story, rather than in adult terms. This is a fact that therapists the world over have been working with for years…

What if you could do the same for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews? How brilliant would it be if you could help them explore the world and the awesome power of their imaginations in a safe, inspiring and empowering way? What if you could really help children – today and for tomorrow too – by simply allowing and enabling their innate creativity to become a fantastic resource to them forever? Would that not be the greatest gift?

To me it is – and that’s why Creative Owl was born.